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Introduction to Afrojunk [ #DisNaAfrojunk ]

April 28, 2012

Kanni Temiyato aka Itskandysugabeat, a young Nigerian music producer is working on a new genre of music he calls Afro-junk. Its a fusion of Afro-beat&Fuji, Dance&Trance and Jazz&Funk. Its a style of music driven by African Percussion&Rhythms and Synths. Afro-junk is aimed to sell the uniqueness and beauty of the African sound to the World.

Backfire is the experimental single to let you hear what an Afro-junk joint sounds like. Its features young Cameroonian rapper L.A (lyrikul Assassin) and E-Tee of duo D’Supremes of Question-mark Ent. It was recorded at Farenheit Studio and it is produced by Itskandysugabeat. Real music lovers should please download backfire and other Afro-junk singles, listen and make your comments on this new style.

Itskandysugabeat is currently assembling the first Afro-junk band and is searching for artistes from all over Africa. Submit your demos to
You can also listen to Afro-junk singles from


Kanni Temiyato



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