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Time to Pray

January 14, 2012

Morning Friends

The world is controlled by forces we can’t see. One for good and the other for bad. You can’t help it but your every actions must be consciously or unconsciously influenced by one. There’s no sitting on the fence. Its either you are for the GOOD or you are BAD.
The power in unity can never be underestimated. The very reason why one language was divided at the Tower of Babel. When you decide to make things happen, you make them happen. When a group of people come together in one spirit to make things happen, the impossible happens. 

Let’s face the truth, the situation right now is beyond the natural. There’s a great BAD force coming hard on us to eat up our peace and unity. We can overcome this by simply launching out a greater GOOD force to counter before it even lands. We have to come together in unity now NOT to fight physically but to say words of PRAYER in FAITH for the country. If we can speak approximately 10000 words per day, just a few is not too much to say in prayer of faith for our own good. “PRAYER is the KEY…”


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