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Great Change

January 14, 2012

Morning Friends  

Great changes require great sacrifices. This is a point where we are taking a great step to effect a great change. Its is taking our destiny in our hands and changing it for the better. This has been long overdue but it took this long to push us to the wall.

Its good thing to protest but we should keep doing that wisely and peacefully. This is a sensitive situation so we should not let it get out of our hands. Because if it does, the result would be gruesome. We are fighting to build a better future and not to destroy what out forefathers built.

We are what we allow ourselves to be. We decide how it goes so let’s go positive. We have to protect first what we have today and use that to build a better tomorrow for the generations to come. We are a special generation, that is why we are here to make this happen in our own time. It wouldn’t be easy at all but trust me, the gains would be worth the pain.


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